Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sleep, My Girl. Sleep.

This is my daughter, Dakota.  She is 7 and full of curiosity and vitality.  An avid reader, guitar player, swimmer, soccer player, and unfortunately, a worrier.  I am afraid she inherited the worry gene from me.  Her worries aren't of anything major, just simple things that a child could worry about.

 Only, Dakota takes them to a new level.  A level that causes anxiety and sleepless nights.  She even shows symptoms of over active bladder when her anxiety hits.  This all happens during bedtime.  After our story reading, prayers, and tucking in.  She gets up to pee at least 5 times before finally settling in.  Her father and I have done several things to help her through these episodes.  We have explained how anxiety can show up when there is something on your mind that needs to be said.  So, we encourage her to talk with us about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that comes to mind.  We have explained how the bladder works and sometimes is "spazzes" out and makes her feel like she needs to pee.  Unfortunately, talking with her just doesn't seem to help much any more.

After doing some research into essential oils and consulting different references such as and the Modern Essentials Book, I came up with a recipe of oils that really have been helping her settle in at night.

Here is what I call "Sleep, My Girl. Sleep" recipe:

40 drops Lavender
10 drops Vetiver
20 drops Lemon
15 drops Balance Blend
Fractionated Coconut Oil 
1 1/6oz (15 ml) glass roller bottle- purchase here

Add listed amount of drops into roller bottle.  I use droppers to do this as I feel they allow the accurate amount to be dispensed.  You can purchase droppers, bottles, vials and much more at 

Because Vetiver and Balance are heavier oils, they sink to the bottom and create a pretty "layering" effect.  Once the bottle is full, just shake it up before using.  

Once all the oils have been added, top the bottle off with fractionated coconut oil.  This is the best carrier oil to use as it won't clog up the roller and is absorbed into the skin quickly.  You can find FCO at doTERRA and there are great deals on, too.  Fill up the bottle with FCO, put the roller cap in (this can be removed later to add more oils once you get low).  

Voila!  There you have it.  When we use this blend, I simply apply it to the bottoms of Dakota's feet, wrists, back of neck and sometime her abdomen below her belly button right around where he bladder is.  Lavender is a great relaxant and I believe it is helping her over active bladder issues.  

Each of the oils used in this blend have properties that help with other issues than just anxiety and restlessness. But I will explain why I used each one for this particular blend.

Lavender- Helps with agitation, anxiety, depression, and has sedative properties.
Vetiver- Is an antispasmodic, calming, sedative, helps balance emotionally and is used in ADD/ADHD    blends.
Lemon- Helps with anxiety, concentration, blood pressure regulation, depression, relaxation, and is uplifting for the mood.
Balance Blend- This blend is made up of many oils such as Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy, and Frankincense.  This oil helps with anxiety, balance, confusion, hyperactivity, and mood swings,

In closing, if you or anyone you know as issues with anxiety, sleeplessness, or just need some help calming down, this blend may be of some help.  It is working for Dakota and we are so thankful.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this post.  

You can purchase these oils here

Have a blessed day!



  1. Did you ever use this for her during the day? How is she now? Thank you for this

  2. Did you ever use this for her during the day? How is she now? Thank you for this

  3. Hi! I found a pin on Pinterest for your blend, and I decided to try it on my 4yo who hasn't ever slept through the night for any good period of time. I, personally, have found Lemon wakes me up (I use it almost every morning to perk my brain up) so I didn't include it in my blend, but I did the others just as you shared. It has been a MIRACLE for us!! I roll it on my little guy's feet when I get him ready for bed, and then do it again when I got to bed a couple hours later (to keep him asleep - I don't know if this is necessary, but I'm not messing with success). With a few exceptions, he has been sleeping through the night since we started doing this about a month ago. I can't tell you how thrilled I am! Thank you for sharing this. (By the way, we call our blend Sleepy Gavin.) :)