Sunday, September 4, 2011

Good Grief! I suck at blogging.

I just remembered that I had started a blog last year. 3 kids, preschool, kindergarten, trying to run a small and slow online business has kept me busy. Too busy, it seems.

I will start with a short update. Most of you that follow me on Facebook now most of this. I am afraid, that even though I have been busy, I don't really have much new to report. Sad, I know. Well, sad for me anyway.

So I said my business was slow, and it is. But it could be worse. I started selling my lotion bars at the Stevensville, MT farmers market this summer. Unfortunately, the Stevensville market never had any farmers and people came looking for produce, not lotion. Most weekends I set up, there were only 4-5 vendors. It was quite discouraging. I did make some sales though, to my surprise. Now that school has started I can't commit to every weekend. I am EXHAUSTED by the time Saturday comes around. I just revamped my website to display new pictures and to add my new products. Check it out!

My transition from Portland to Missoula has become much easier. I have met more people. Had a couple of girls night out. Joined a book club (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE).

Despite being busy with the kids and everything else, I have found time to read, crochet and continue making my bars. I am happy. Tired, stressed and very happy :)